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Hi all

I am a newbie on Eyeka, i'll be very happy to get connected to you !

Here are a few words about me. In my career, i've been working several years in the TV industry on the technical side. Providing solutions for broadcast, digital editing etc was part of my job. I really enjoyed. Through years my knowledge and skills evolved in different fields. Management, sales, communication. But what i loved above all was working in a very changing environment, was bringing new ideas all the time, was being creative almost on demand :) The more you create, the more you become creative.

A few years ago i decided to start my own micro business. Today we are able to fulfill different requests in the video field : writing, filming, editing for movies, informational content defining the right budget for the right thing to do !

No website available for now as far as we are remodeling it these days. i hope it will be ready for mid-sept.

Well, i think it's enough no ? :)

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