Developing and validating a potential territory or communication concept is too lengthy and often leads to misalignment between your brand message and consumers’ perceptions. You can boost your return-on-investment on positioning and communication projects by engaging consumers as idea creators.

Co-creation with consumers will allow you to create new spaces and new stories that are unique to your brand. The project output is of sufficient quality to be ready for internal validation, agency inspiration and consumer testing. Learn how eÿeka helped leading brand refocus global positioning or find an engaging story to communicate to a specific target audience.

Finding the best campaign idea for Mexico's biggest financial institution.

Banamex has been supporting to the development of Mexico and its people for 125 years. The bank has always been customer centric and provides Mexicans with solid, trusted and secure financial services that empower them to make their dreams come true. Over the years, it has sought to adapt itself to the growing and changing needs and aspirations of its customers. For its anniversary, Banamex was in need of a new tagline.

ROMI: A Communication Concept Testing 20% Higher than Others.

This project truly resonated within Banamex as we always believed in working with consumers. We plan to increase using crowdsourcing as an approach when developing new communication ideas.

Andrés Mijares Ortega
Innovation Director, Banamex, Citigroup

Positioning Mini Oreo on The Market

Kraft was interested to explore potential positioning and communication platforms for Mini-Oreo but with a new approach that would have given consumers a greater voice.

ROMI: 1 positioning adopted across markets

We have been overwhelmed. Not two creative ideas were similar, and you brought a lot of humor, emotion, and creativity to your work.

Sophie Labbe
Brand Director, Kraft Foods

Co-creating a fresher way to talk about fragrance, while keeping the essence

Head & Shoulders has a pleasant fragrance yet is perceived by some as hair medicine with an almost clinical smell associated to it.

How do we change consumers' perception by convincing them that an effective anti-dandruff brand can also give them great smelling hair?

We have been working on how to change perception of our shampoos' fragrance for a while and eYeka's creators just found the sweet spot, in record time.

Nadia Mucig
Senior Product Manager, P&G

Convincing mums that "Dirt is good"

With "Dirt is good", Unilever would like to free mums from their laundry worries and show them that dirt and stains should be embraced for a well-balanced childhood. How should Unilever communicate that message?

eYeka’s creators gave us fresh, unexpected ideas on how we could better communicate to mums in a more engaging fashion.

Kaarthik Subramani
Brand Development Director, Unilever

A Brilliant Idea for a very Creative Brand Campaign

Hyundai was looking to bring to life its global brand campaign “live brilliant” with fresh creative expressions that show that a car can create special experiences beyond transportation.

ROMI: Agency inspired. Global campaign launched

We gave consumers an opportunity to lead the creative process and received many inspiring ideas. It was a refreshing, winning approach.

Won-Sang Cho
Head of Brand Communication Team, Hyundai Motors

Crowdsourced inspiration to rebrand Danone Milkuat for teens

Milkuat is a blend of milk and juice popular with Indonesian children. The brand icon, the Milkuat tiger has become part of popular culture. Danone was looking to launch a series of new Milkuat drinks aimed at tweenagers. The challenge was to rebrand Milkuat for a slightly older target audience and develop value propositions that would appeal to them. Our approach was to give our community the chance to create a brand new drink for teens, with the license to redesign the iconic tiger.

The richness of entries gave us a lot of food for thought to widen our project.

Varun Narayan Channa
Brand Director, Danone