Bring tuna outside of the kitchen cabinet Concorso Terminato

Reinvent tuna in a can to make it a must-have on every table!

5.000 €
Il concorso termina il 21 agosto 2016
Scrittura creativa - Design dell'etichetta e del packaging

Petit Navire (it means “Small Ship”) is the leader brand in the tuna segment.

They produce all sorts of tuna: natural tuna (plain), tuna in olive oil, tuna with condiments (tomato sauce or marinated in herbs, mustard etc.).

People use the metal cans of tuna as an ingredient to compose salads in the summer or tarts.

But people never think: “Let’s eat tuna today, what could we do with it?” Instead, they think: “Let’s make a salad. Oh, I have tuna, let’s use it.”

Do you think you could change this?

Imagine a new product idea – which is not just a packaging or recipe change – to rejuvenate tuna.

Format: Design and text (4 pages max.)