SK-II - This is Me - Print Concorso Terminato

Inspire young Asian women to have the courage to change their destiny!

7.500 €
Il concorso termina il 19 giugno 2016
Design grafico - Illustrazione

Rina is a 28-year-old Asian woman, unmarried and working in a city.

She is relatively satisfied with her current life. Yet, she feels very incomplete and vulnerable within.

She realizes that she is in a quarter-life crisis, where she is caught between society’s definition of success and what she really wants in life. With the right inspiration, however, she would be open to doing something about it.   

Come up with a story that will transform young Asian women’s most vulnerable moment (aka Quarter-Life Crisis) into an opportunity to CHANGE their destiny?

Format: poster with tagline or storyboard and answers to questions (4 pages max).