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Show us that Tampax provides the best protection for young women!

2.500 €
Il concorso termina il 14 giugno 2016
Illustrazione - Scrittura creativa

Ashley has just turned 22. Education, career, social life… She makes great efforts and believes in every step she takes. She admits that tampons don’t always live up to her expectations, and that pads are just so easy to use.

Tampax, a leading brand of tampons, launched Tampax Pearl to provide women with what they expect from a tampon: no leaks, and a more comfortable experience. Can you help Tampax bring to life how its product provides the best protection and comfort in a way that appeals to young women?

Create a powerful and impactful poster that shows why Tampax Pearl gives young women the best and most comfortable leak-free periods.

Format: Poster with tagline + description (2 pages max)