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Celebrate eYeka’s 10th anniversary by pepping up the homepage with your own style!

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03 febbraio 2016
21 febbraio 2016 23:59 UTC
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Can you believe eYeka was born ten years ago? On Jan 16, 2006, the company was created, in Paris by two smart and inspiring entrepreneurs: Gilles Babinet and Franck Perrier. Today, ten years later, the community is over 330,000 people who are talented and passionate about creativity. We now have offices in Singapore, Mexico, London and Sydney. We’ve launched more than 900 contests and awarded more than 6 million euros in prizes!

Since you are at the core of eYeka, we thought you could help us celebrate our anniversary. We’d like you to design a special banner for our homepage and a companion logo (pictogram) for the entire website to celebrate the 10 years of eYeka in 2016!

Sfida Creativa

Create a special 10 years' edition of the eYeka home page banner and a companion pictogram for the eYeka logo!

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of eYeka, we have created a special eYeka logo that you can see on the top left-hand side of your screen, as well as a banner that is displayed on eYeka.com. Since YOU – the community – are at the core of eYeka, we thought you could join the party and design your own versions?

We’re very interested in seeing your interpretation of our anniversary. In your country, your culture, your mind, what does it mean to be 10 years old? What does it mean for eYeka to be 10 years old? Why is it so important to celebrate this anniversary? What is the most memorable thing eYeka has done in 10 years, with you or for you? What did you do during those 10 years?

eYeka is yours, so it’s also your 10 years: find new creative ways to welcome visitors to the platform! We can’t wait to see your designs!! The banner will be the first thing people will see when visiting eYeka website, as well as the logo (top left, like in this page, when you are not logged in). Ideally, the visual and the pictogram should follow the same style and work well together.

The best designs will be actually used on eYeka website, seen by about 50,000 people per month, and link to an interview with you! Please submit a short paragraph of text to explain your idea. We will get in touch with you if you are a winner to learn more about you and your design.


The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them in your submission or it will be rejected.

Your banner could illustrate your view of the eYeka creative community or show the celebration of creativity around the globe.

There would probably be nice tricks you could use around the number 10 in the pictogram.


Premio della Giuria

  • #1 Premio 150 €
  • #2 Premio 150 €
  • #3 Premio 150 €
  • #4 Premio 150 €
  • #5 Premio 150 €
  • #6 Premio 150 €
  • #7 Premio 150 €
  • #8 Premio 150 €
  • #9 Premio 150 €
  • #10 Premio 150 €


  • Entries should be in English.
  • Please submit a pair of logo (33px height & maximum 60px large) and a banner (1900 x 682px).
  • Please don’t modify the eYeka logo, which will stay white on a green/blue background like today. Please just propose a version that adds a pictogram that reflects/plays with the 10 years' theme, as well as your proposed banner design. To know how to use the eYeka logo and learn more about eYeka design, download the eYeka brand book. To download our white logo on transparent background, find it in our Press Kit.
  • For the banner, take into consideration the fact that the screen size will change, therefore your banner will be resized or cropped to be seen on mobiles and tablets. Your banner must work on the largest screen size, but ideally also with the smallest one, which will only show the center part of your large banner:
    • The biggest possible size is 1900*682px
    • Smaller screens often display around 1024*500px
    • Mobile screens are often 350*600px
  • If you need any help, you can e-mail us: support-en@eyeka.com
  • You can find the current eYeka home page banner and birthday pictogram here.

Criteri di Vincita

  • 1 banner (format: 1900px height & 682px large)
  • 1 pictogram (format: 33px height & maximum 60px large)
  • 1 short explanation of your idea and creation
Linee guida

Linee guida per questo concorso

The winning ideas will be those that work well as pairs. The banner and the pictogram should be consistent!

  • The use of third party elements is not allowed in this contest. You cannot use any materials from the Internet in your entry.

Linee guida standard eYeka

  • Non indicare alcun dettaglio personale nella tua proposta (nome, numero di telefono, indirizzo email etc.)
  • Conserva una versione in alta qualità della tua reazione nel caso tu sia selezionato come vincitore.
  • Il tuo media deve essere frutto del tuo proprio lavoro per essere considerato ai fini del concorso.
  • Devi avere l'autorizzazione scritta di ogni autore ed attore che ha contribuito al lavoro.
  • Se hai opere (musica, foto, progetti, ecc.) non di tua proprietà, indica nella descrizione del tuo lavoro se la musica e/o l'immagine o le immagini utilizzata/e è/sono o meno una tua personale creazione e riporta i link che rimandano alla licenza che ti conferisce il diritto di usarla/e.
  • eYeka ti chiederà di fornire prova scritta o copia di tutti i documenti confermanti tale autorizzazione e che permettano a eYeka e ai suoi clienti di utilizzare il media ai sensi dei Regolamento del concorso.
  • Tutti i media che non rispettino queste regole non saranno considerati ai fini del concorso.