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Tell a story that connects moms and Aptamil toddler in an emotionally engaging way.

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Mothers around the world are proud of every development and continual progression of their children; it is their natural instinct to want the best for them. Giving them the right nutrition they need is a top priority for moms no matter where they are from.

The majority of toddler milk brands talk about the same things: vitamins, probiotics, and prebiotics. Which milk supplement has the highest amount of “Ingredient X”? It’s very scientific and dry; the total opposite of motherhood.

Motherhood is meant to be experienced. It is about mom and her child on an exciting journey of discovery, learning, and enjoying. We’re not saying that the right nutrition isn’t important, but how can Aptamil Toddler engage mothers in a more meaningful and emotional way? Intellectual success and academic achievement are important to our mothers but it’s not about their children being intellectual prodigies or talented geniuses; they want their children to be whole – physically, emotionally, and socially to enable them to progress to their full potential.

Aptamil is a toddler milk supplement that is tailored to support the nutritional needs at every stage of a toddler’s developmental journey. It helps to lay down the foundation of children’s tomorrows, today, helping them progress and reach their milestones for a great start in life. It is widely available but some mothers still don’t really know about Aptamil toddler.

Today, we want you to show how Aptamil toddler understands mothers and the journey of motherhood, the pride and joy in seeing their toddlers meet their milestones, such as, but not limited to, taking their first step or speaking their first word.


Sfida Creativa

Create an emotionally engaging poster that shows a mom’s pride and joy when she knows that she is helping her child achieve a milestone for tomorrow.

We know that what goes into a toddler milk supplement is important but we want to bring back the magic into that special motherhood experience.

Without focusing on the product attributes such as ingredients: vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and prebiotics, how can we give moms a sense of pride in knowing that with Aptamil toddler, they’re doing the best for their child, helping them today to progress towards their milestones tomorrow?

Consider the things that are important to a mother: success like walking, talking, weaning, eating new foods, and making friends. How would your idea show moms that Aptamil toddler is their perfect partner in helping their children meet these milestones of development in a way that prepares them today for tomorrow?

You can also think about mom’s mindset: there are many different brands on the market and each brand is shouting, “20% more” or “added Ingredient X.” She needs a bigger emotional push to know that she’s giving her child her best and therefore take pride in it.

Aptamil toddler stands for children’s progression, and a mother’s pride and confidence. It is a milk for toddlers, children aged 1-3 years. Please do not say or imply that milk supplement replaces breastfeeding or is as good as breast milk.

To help us understand your idea, please answer the following three questions:

  1. What is your idea about and how does it create an emotional connection to moms?
  2. How is your idea unique to Aptamil toddler and not any other brand?
  3. How do you see your idea coming to life digitally or on social media?


The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them in your submission or it will be rejected.

Example of a good entry: The scene is a playground and there are kids playing together in the background, climbing on the monkey bars, sitting on the seesaw. In the foreground, we see a mother from her back, only her legs are visible. Her daughter hugs mom tight and we understand from the slightly blurry image of the toddler, that she has just run from playing with her friends to give mom a hug. This idea conveys the pride and joy mom feels knowing that with Aptamil toddler, her child has strength and energy to play with her friends in the playground; and the hug she gives her mom rewards mom for all the effort she’s put in in a universally appealing, and emotionally engaging way.

Example of a bad entry: A toddler playing the violin on stage, with the audience standing in ovation. Whereas this idea is about toddlers having great potential, it is unbelievable and not something a toddler can realistically do. The tagline reads, “Your child’s future starts today.”

Another bad example is a smiling toddler with a product shot and a list of active ingredients that go into the supplement for toddler development. There is no emotional hook and it’s too boring with scientific ingredient names.


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1st page is print ad and 2nd page is text explanation (2 pages PDF)

Criteri di Vincita

We are looking for ideas that touch mothers’ hearts and bring the feeling of pride and joy back into a product that has been about being ‘better than the other.’ We want to show them that we understand their journey, and with Aptamil toddler, they can focus on the things that matter, because Aptamil toddler promises to make that happen.

Linee guida

Linee guida per questo concorso

  • Entries should be in English.
  • The toddler milk supplement is for children aged 1-3 years. Please do not depict any babies under 1 year.
  • Please do not make any references to breastfeeding – either toddler milk drink supplement being a substitute for it or comparing milk formula to it.
  • Any activities the toddler is involved in or performing should be something that a toddler can realistically do. We do not want to portray child prodigies or something so extraordinary that only few toddlers are capable of.
  • Please remember to include a tagline for your poster and answer the three questions listed above.
  • Please dowlaod the Aptamil assets from the toolkit.
  • Selected entries will be used on the Internet. Authorizations and licenses to use protected elements (incl. music, photos..) must be compatible with Internet broadcasting. You must be able to provide a written proof of these authorizations and licenses at any time.

Linee guida standard eYeka

  • Non indicare alcun dettaglio personale nella tua proposta (nome, numero di telefono, indirizzo email etc.)
  • Conserva una versione in alta qualità della tua reazione nel caso tu sia selezionato come vincitore.
  • Il tuo media deve essere frutto del tuo proprio lavoro per essere considerato ai fini del concorso.
  • Devi avere l'autorizzazione scritta di ogni autore ed attore che ha contribuito al lavoro.
  • Se hai opere (musica, foto, progetti, ecc.) non di tua proprietà, indica nella descrizione del tuo lavoro se la musica e/o l'immagine o le immagini utilizzata/e è/sono o meno una tua personale creazione e riporta i link che rimandano alla licenza che ti conferisce il diritto di usarla/e.
  • eYeka ti chiederà di fornire prova scritta o copia di tutti i documenti confermanti tale autorizzazione e che permettano a eYeka e ai suoi clienti di utilizzare il media ai sensi dei Regolamento del concorso.
  • Tutti i media che non rispettino queste regole non saranno considerati ai fini del concorso.