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Pitch us hilariously creative stories of fun and food with ZoOSh!

Can you convince us that salads do not need to take themselves too seriously to taste good, thanks to ZoOSh salad dressing?

Pitch video featuring storyboards or pictures. Check out this article about pitch videos to help you.


Zoosh Mondelez

Thanks to all the fantastic creators for their truly creative content to help drive awareness of the ZoOSh brand through disruptive viral content.

Premio della Giuria Vincitori

Selezione per Zoosh

jobienam #1 Premio
jobienam 81.930 Punteggio creativo
  • Video
  • Scrittura creativa
  • Script Writing
Regno Unito

#1 Premio di 8.000 € per ZoOsh - Escape Boring Meals

Nailed the brief and insight that salads are boring, and effectively used ZoOSh as the transformer to a great meal.

devonferguson #2 Premio
devonferguson 53.750 Punteggio creativo
  • Video
  • Scrittura creativa

#2 Premio di 8.000 € per ZoOSh Flavour Squad Full

Catchy and dynamic music videos with clever integration of ZoOSh and our insight that salads are boring due to lack of flavour.

duncan88smith #3 Premio
duncan88smith 83.000 Punteggio creativo
  • Video
  • Script Writing
Regno Unito

#3 Premio di 8.000 € per We Don't Like Salad!

Fun and controversial execution of the insight of kids not eating salad as they don't like it and ZoOSh being the catalyst for that change.

mordov-centre #4 Premio
mordov-centre 80.360 Punteggio creativo
  • Video
  • Animazione
  • Scrittura creativa
  • Script Writing
Federazione Russa

#4 Premio di 8.000 € per Zoosh shout

Weird and wonderful content with real cut through and a fantastic and clever branding device in ZoOSh being screamed throughout the edit.


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