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Show how Duracell helps you run for longer!

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Il concorso termina il 04 novembre 2015
Illustrazione - Scrittura creativa

Duracell is well known throughout the world for producing the longest lasting batteries.

Customers love and cherish the “pink Bunny brand”. We love it that the Bunny never stops running! He‘s the strongest and the fastest! A great inspiration for every runner.

Also, exercising means having an exercise kit. Duracell batteries provide the longest lasting power for your sports training devices and these devices all have something in common. They need power, so that in return, they can power you.

Duracell needs your creativity to bring to life the unique link between Duracell and the bunny who never stops running.

Create an engaging, original and fun print ad that shows how Duracell and the Duracell Bunny empowers you for longer lasting and superior running moments.

Format: Poster on page 1 + short explanatory paragraph about your entry on page 2