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Fuel up with Pot Noodle on the ride to your dreams.

Make Pot Noodle fun and quirky, and entice young people to engage and interact with the brand on their road to their dreams.

Presentation with text and visuals (maximum 5 pages PDF).


Pot Noodle Unilever

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in this challenge. We received a fantastic response with many ideas, all very different but build around our key audience and the insight. Thank you again and watch the space!

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ivanoffster #1 Premio
ivanoffster 47.340 Punteggio creativo
  • Scrittura creativa

#1 Premio di 3.000 € per The Make It Happen (S)Pot

Congrtulations, your idea was built on a true consumer insight and has certainly inspired our team to think about the brief differently to help young people make it.

Pot Noodle
fgarcia_13 #2 Premio
fgarcia_13 3.220 Punteggio creativo
  • Design grafico
  • Video
  • Illustrazione
  • Animazione
  • Scrittura creativa
  • Design dell'etichetta e del packaging
  • Photography
  • Script Writing

#2 Premio di 1.500 € per CATAPOT

Congratulations, I liked the way you managed to integrate the product within the idea in a fun and engaging way which is what works for this audience. It's the entertainment added value that they love.

Pot Noodle
Pang #3 Premio
Pang 33.690 Punteggio creativo
  • Design grafico
  • Video
  • Illustrazione
  • Animazione
  • Scrittura creativa
  • Script Writing

#3 Premio di 500 € per Live the Pot Noodle Dream

Congratulations, your idea certainly brought a key passion point for this audience ie gaming together with the insight about how ambitious they are to deliver an idea that can be quite engaging and that can live on and off line.

Pot Noodle

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