Gerber Organic baby food Concorso Terminato

Win mums’ hearts and minds with a poster for Gerber's organic baby food !

6.500 €
Il concorso termina il 03 giugno 2015
Illustrazione - Scrittura creativa - Design dell'etichetta e del packaging

Welcoming a baby into your life is a miracle … and the start of a challenging adventure. Moms want the best for their babies and want to know they’re doing a good job. But they’re faced with a multitude of nutrition decisions every day, bombarded with conflicting and often confusing information. They have to make decisions with their minds and with their heart on a daily basis. Not all baby food is created equal.

At Gerber, they’ve always believed that little ones deserve high standards, and they understand that Moms only want to feed their babies the very best.

That’s why they make sure that their organic baby food not only meets US Department of Agriculture standards, but goes a few steps further.

With Gerber, Moms can rest easy knowing it’s not just organic, it’s Gerber Organic.

Create a print ad that wins the hearts and minds of mums to convince them to buy Gerber Organic baby food.

FORMAT: Print ads (visual and text: 1 page PDF for poster + 2nd page for description)