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Invent a deodorising solution that is customisable or acts in response to certain triggers!

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Il concorso termina il 27 maggio 2015
Illustrazione - Scrittura creativa

Today, deodorants do lots of things – they helps us manage sweat, avoid odour, restore skin after shaving, remove dark spots, etc. However, they all pretty much do it in the same way (e.g. spray/roll-on/stick in various different sizes and smells) and the opportunity for consumers to personalise their choice is limited.

The world is changing – consumers are now looking for the next revolution in the deodorant market, based on the following trends around personalisation & intelligent response.

Invent a deodorising solution 1) that you can adapt to your needs or tastes or 2) that intelligently responds to triggers from your body activity or immediate environment.

You should pick one option only and invent a new deodorising solution.

FORMAT: Product and packaging design (visual) and text. (4 pages PDF only)