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The Young Lions Health Award Brief

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25 febbraio 2015
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The Young Lions Health Award in association with UNICEF and Unilever aims to discover the next generation of young talent in creative Healthcare communications. This will be done through a competition focused on mobilising support to strengthen health systems in the developing world.

Professionals working in advertising agencies or client organisations (a brand, a business, or an organization that is not an agency) are called to respond to the brief set by UNICEF with a creative integrated campaign.

The winner(s) will receive a complimentary registration for Lions Health, including travel and accommodation.  They will also receive medals on stage at Lions Health Award Ceremony 2015, Friday 19th of June.

There is no fee to enter.

Sfida Creativa

If you are a young professional under 30 years old, working in an advertising agency or a client organization and want to participate, read the full brief from UNICEF here and the accompanying brand guidelines here

UNICEF need a big idea for a creative integrated campaign that can work globally to communicate that “together we can save the lives of millions of children dying from preventable diseases by strengthening health systems around the world.”

We need:

  • The general public to understand the importance of building health systems
  • The general public to financially support UNICEF in its challenge to improve health system.

The campaign needs to be global but with flexibility to be locally amplified.
The campaign needs to cut across all media platforms.This should include traditional, digital and social media.
Please bear in mind that we rely primarily on pro-bono media space and there is no budget.

You must submit your response on our platform before the deadline. Please note that you will not be able to amend your competition entry once it has been submitted.


  • Dr Mickey Chopra, Chief of Health, UNICEF, Associate Director of Programmes, UNICEF
  • Claudia Gonzales Romo, Chief of Public Advocacy, UNICEF
  • June Laffey, Executive Creative Director, McCann Health Sydney
  • Shaheed Peera , Executive Creative Director EU, Publicis LifeBrands Resolute
  • Rob Rogers, Chief Creative Officer and co-CEO, the Americas, Sudler
  • Andrew Spurgeon, Executive Creative Director, Langland
  • Ashley Schofield, Executive Creative Director, CDM Princeton
  • Keith Weed, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Unilever



The winner(s) will receive a complimentary pass to the Lions Health Festival including accommodation and flights. Winner(s) will also be awarded on stage at the Lions Health Award ceremony on Friday 19 June.


A presentation film (max. 3 minutes in length, mp4 or mov) OR a presentation of up to 8 slides/images as 1 combined file (pdf, jpg).

Criteri di Vincita

Please ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and that you submit all the necessary documents. Failure to do so may result in your entry not being accepted. Only the winning entrant(s) will be contacted on Thursday 30 April 2015.

Linee guida

Linee guida per questo concorso

  • Entries in English only.
  • Download the UNICEF logo here
  • Eligibility Criteria: Young professionals working in advertising agencies should be 30 years old and under (born on or after 27 June 1984).Young professionals working in client organisations should be 30 years old and under (born on or after 27 June 1984).
  • Students are not allowed to enter the competition.
  • Competition entries are individual or in teams of 2.
  • Entrants can only enter once either as a team or individually.
  • Please prepare as a separate file: copy of ID/Passport (pdf) of entrant(s), Letter of employment signed by line manager with company header, address and line manager’s contact details, (for full-time employment) (pdf), OR Reference letter by client with company header, address and contact details (if applicant is freelancer) (pdf). If you enter as a team please include these documents for both participants. You can now upload these extra files in the Additional Files tab on this page. The proof of employment needs to be in English.


Linee guida standard eYeka

  • Non indicare alcun dettaglio personale nella tua proposta (nome, numero di telefono, indirizzo email etc.)
  • Conserva una versione in alta qualità della tua reazione nel caso tu sia selezionato come vincitore.
  • Il tuo media deve essere frutto del tuo proprio lavoro per essere considerato ai fini del concorso.
  • Devi avere l'autorizzazione scritta di ogni autore ed attore che ha contribuito al lavoro.
  • Se hai opere (musica, foto, progetti, ecc.) non di tua proprietà, indica nella descrizione del tuo lavoro se la musica e/o l'immagine o le immagini utilizzata/e è/sono o meno una tua personale creazione e riporta i link che rimandano alla licenza che ti conferisce il diritto di usarla/e.
  • eYeka ti chiederà di fornire prova scritta o copia di tutti i documenti confermanti tale autorizzazione e che permettano a eYeka e ai suoi clienti di utilizzare il media ai sensi dei Regolamento del concorso.
  • Tutti i media che non rispettino queste regole non saranno considerati ai fini del concorso.