Nestlé Breakfast Concorso Terminato

Can you give a family the best start of the day with a Nestlé breakfast?

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Il concorso termina il 06 gennaio 2015
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What we eat is central to our health, and we need to be healthy to have a successful, productive and happy life! That is why a good breakfast should provide you with the nutrients and the energy your body needs to kick-start your day. Nestlé offers a choice of great food and beverage you would need for a healthy, nutritious breakfast. How would you convince busy working mums in Vietnam that they should add Nestlé products to the family breakfast they prepare every day?

Inspire Vietnamese mums to use many of Nestlé’s healthy, tasty and nutritious products as part of the family’s breakfast routine to give their loved ones the best start of the day, and the best start in life.

FORMAT: 2 page document: 1 poster and 1 page of explanations