First 1000 Days Concorso Terminato
eÿeka Express

Bring to life, in a poster, the fact that the first 1000 days of life are the most important for a baby’s healthy life.

2.000 €
Il concorso termina il 09 dicembre 2014
Design grafico - Illustrazione - Photography

It is commonly said that the first 1000 days of life of a baby are the most critical period, because it will define the future health of a baby.

Our sponsor, Beelky (we created a fake name but there is a real and big brand behind) is a Global Company expert in infant nutrition, with products that provide the right nutrition to satisfy babies’ changing needs through each stage as they grow up, for a happy and healthy growth..

Create an inspiring and insightful print ad that shows how important the first 1000 days of life of a baby are for their healthy growth and future.


Format: Photo, illustration or print with explanation(in 1 page, PDF only)