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Treat young guys with a delightful soft drink, by Mountain Dew.

The second contest of the series of three Mountain Dew contests is about TREAT. Invent a new kind of drink that will offer to reward young people after they have completed something they should be very proud of.

presentations with text and visuals, 5 pages max.


Mountain Dew Pepsico

Thank you all for your participation! Selecting winners has been a hard task given all the great ideas the contestants provided. We certainly look forward to engaging you all again in the future!

Premio della Giuria Vincitori

Selezione per Mountain Dew

AnnaNThang #1 Premio
AnnaNThang 964.610 Punteggio creativo
  • Design grafico
  • Illustrazione
  • Scrittura creativa
  • Design dell'etichetta e del packaging
  • Photography
Stati Uniti

#1 Premio di 3.000 € per Cidew

Cidew represents the way Mountain Dew would do Cider. The artwork and packaging truly brought the idea to life, and leveraged the heritage of cider as a part of the brand proposition. This is Dew Cider, the bad-ass way!

Mountain Dew
ma-create #2 Premio
ma-create 680.940 Punteggio creativo
  • Design grafico
  • Illustrazione
  • Scrittura creativa
  • Design dell'etichetta e del packaging
  • Script Writing
Federazione Russa

#2 Premio di 1.500 € per DiLight+original logo

We were impressed by incredible artwork and the new experience for the consumer. This idea highlighted an opportunity for Mountain Dew to offer a new taste experience to the consumer.

Mountain Dew
kerubin #3 Premio
kerubin 273.940 Punteggio creativo
  • Design grafico
  • Scrittura creativa

#3 Premio di 1.000 € per Zesty Confetti

The team was attracted to the dual-pack idea and the unique ingredients.  Moreover, it offers the same bold color to a Dew product that the current color offers, allowing it to stand out from the rest of the pack.

Mountain Dew

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