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Can you convince young men to have smooth, comfortable shave and irritation-free skin?

Let young men know, in an entertaining and appealing manner, that shaving is no longer a necessary evil and that using Schick’s pre shave foam/gel will reduce skin irritation and redness.

Videos / Animations – 30 seconds MAX


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Thank you very much for the participation. All entries are great, and it was quite difficult to select it. Talked with 12 different market in APAC, 3 ideas are selected that have strong potential to drive business.

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davimejia112 #1 Premio
davimejia112 25.510 Punteggio creativo
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#1 Premio di 10.000 € per Are we not men?

Excellent idea that using wiper rubber sounds as metaphor of "Not using shave prep". This is easy to understand, in-line with strategy in the brief. As this is only touching “Issue Set Up”, we need to adding “Issue solving” in the middle.

Schick Quattro
Perestyuknn #2 Premio
Perestyuknn 50 Punteggio creativo
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#2 Premio di 6.000 € per Don't lie to yourself.

Great idea that using hand slap as metaphor of not using shaving prep. Easy to understand.

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allentaste #3 Premio
allentaste 30 Punteggio creativo
  • Design grafico
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#3 Premio di 4.000 € per Coconut Kiss

Deliver a benefit of shave prep in 2 aspects a) helps to reduce irritation, and b) emotional bonding – appeal to women.

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Thank you all the participants for your creative and funny videos!

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