Oral-B Pro-Expert Concorso Terminato

Show us how Pro-Expert toothpaste gives you the confidence of the expert, whatever the situation!

20.000 €
Il concorso termina il 29 giugno 2014
Video - Animazione

Have you ever felt shy, incompetent or uncertain about yourself? Isn’t it terrible when lack of confidence stops us from doing things? That joke not told, that proposal not made… How sad! Oral-B Pro-Expert is no ordinary toothpaste. It boosts your confidence, the confidence of the expert. We need your help to show to the world, in an inventive and witty way, that Pro-Expert is the toothpaste you need to get the confidence of the expert! 

Create a witty, unexpected and shareable video or animation that shows that regardless of the situation, Oral-B Pro-Expert gives you the confidence of the expert. 

FORMAT: Videos or animations; maximum length:1 minute.