SK-II - Embodiment Concorso Terminato

Can you create an authentic bond between SK-II products and a model that is attractive to young women?

15.000 €
Il concorso termina il 08 giugno 2014
Design grafico

Have you noticed how all the ads for cosmetic brands are similar? They look cold and distant, hardly believable. Does that model really use that product? Does she really connect with younger women? SK-II wants to challenge conventions. Its product range gives young women crystal clear skin that helps their inner positive force to shine through so that they can captivate others. Help SK-II express that in a visual for an ad that feels authentic and beats the category clichés.

Create an original print ad that will instigate women’s desire to be part of the SK-II world. Through your visual, make us feel the emotional bond between the product and the model, and of course, the viewer.

Format: Photography, illustration with product embedded