Dirt is Good's superiority* Concorso Terminato

Wow us with a convincing and inventive demo video that shows Dirt is Good's superiority*.

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16 gennaio 2014
06 marzo 2014 23:59 UTC
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Have you noticed that the way fabric cleaning detergent companies advertize their products is a bit conventional and similar across brands?  TV commercials always have the same structure: problem, solution and victory. Always the same split screen with two types of products and the same way to show that brand X works better than brand Z. They always use a lot of scientific arguments and technological statements… But don’t you think that there is a better and simpler way to show people the qualities of a product? 

Dirt is Good removes tough stains from clothes, inviting parents to let their children get dirty by liberating them from the concerns and tough task of cleaning clothes.

How could this be creatively demonstrated to the public? As a creative talent, we believe you can help us to find unconventional ways to demonstrate Dirt is Good’s superiority*, while avoiding the clichés of traditional detergent ads.

Rather than focusing on the brand, the assignment is really about revolutionizing TV commercial demos for fabric cleaning detergents.

Sfida Creativa

Give demo videos a new lease on life. Find a new authentic or real-life creative situation to bring to life Dirt is Good’s superiority through a convincing and surprising video or animation.

To wow us and convince your audience that Dirt is Good is the best fabric detergent in removing tough stains, you can use metaphors, parallels comparisons with real-life situations, symbolic evocations, humorous testimonials, personal experiences or anything that is unexpected.  

Your video should demonstrate the superiority* of this fabric cleaning detergent in a way that nobody can doubt because it brings to life an indisputable, logical or well-known argument. (look at the TIPS section for thought starters)

We are looking for new creative ideas and original storylines. Quality of the video is not key to this contest. Your submissions will help a major advertising agency to find a new way to communicate around Dirt is Good 's philosophy. 

Your video should be authentic and reflect real life, surprising and convincing... but don't make it too dramatic or too emotional (we don't need people to cry when watching it).



The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them in your submission or it will be rejected.

For example, imagine a brand of water that wants to show the effects of water on the body. The idea to communicate is the fact that water can eliminate the toxins in your body.  In the video they use a parallel with a glass of water that is filled with toxins, represented by oil. The video shows that by adding water to the glass, the toxins go away, as they flow over the brim. This is a nice illustration that is neither scientific nor technical but it shows the power of water in a real life analogy.


Premio della Giuria

  • #1 Premio 5.000 €
  • #2 Premio 3.000 €
  • #3 Premio 2.000 €


Videos or animations, no longer than 45 secs.

Criteri di Vincita

We will only accept creative entries that reinvent demo videos. Awards will go to videos that show the best sense of authenticity and the cleverest creative idea. Quality of the video is not paramount for this contest.

*The mentions on DiG's superiority are hypothetical for the purpose of the creative contest only

Linee guida

Linee guida per questo concorso

  • People don’t believe traditional, scientific and technical demos anymore. Creative ideas will have better chances of winning!
  • Ideas that make direct reference and/or comparison with competitors will be rejected.
  • Assets can be downloaded from here
  • Entries should be in English or any language subtitled in english

Linee guida standard eYeka

  • Non indicare alcun dettaglio personale nella tua proposta (nome, numero di telefono, indirizzo email etc.)
  • Conserva una versione in alta qualità della tua reazione nel caso tu sia selezionato come vincitore.
  • Il tuo media deve essere frutto del tuo proprio lavoro per essere considerato ai fini del concorso.
  • Devi avere l'autorizzazione scritta di ogni autore ed attore che ha contribuito al lavoro.
  • Se hai opere (musica, foto, progetti, ecc.) non di tua proprietà, indica nella descrizione del tuo lavoro se la musica e/o l'immagine o le immagini utilizzata/e è/sono o meno una tua personale creazione e riporta i link che rimandano alla licenza che ti conferisce il diritto di usarla/e.
  • eYeka ti chiederà di fornire prova scritta o copia di tutti i documenti confermanti tale autorizzazione e che permettano a eYeka e ai suoi clienti di utilizzare il media ai sensi dei Regolamento del concorso.
  • Tutti i media che non rispettino queste regole non saranno considerati ai fini del concorso.