Fitness Greeting e-Cards Concorso Terminato

Celebrate women’s drive to better themselves everyday!

5.000 €
Il concorso termina il 26 novembre 2013
Design grafico - Illustrazione

It is not easy being a woman. Throughout the year, you are juggling between work, family and friends, while being under the constant pressure to be and look your best. The New Year is a time of celebration. Nestlé Fitness wants to send a simple message that will inspire women around the world: Be proud of who you are, keep up the good work and enjoy yourself. Think of the women in your life and bring this message to life in a visual that will be used for Facebook or Pinterest.

Design a simple, yet visually impacting and inspiring online greeting card to celebrate the women who believe in themselves and strive to be at their best every day.

Format: Photos, illustrations or print designs