Pop Tops Concorso Terminato

Introduce Pop Tops to moms as fun refreshment for happy kids wherever they go

5.000 €
Il concorso termina il 21 ottobre 2013
Design grafico - Illustrazione - Scrittura creativa

Pop Tops is a tasty fruit juice drink for young kids (4-6 y/o). It is made of 30% real fruit juice with no artificial color, flavor or sweeteners. The packaging design is perfect for kids - the size is suitable for their small hands to hold, the cap minimizes the risk of spill or mess  and is easy to be re-sealed after use. This also makes Pop Tops a great choice for on-the-go occasions (in the car, at the beach, in the park, kids parties, etc.). What makes it even more appealing is a series of cute, colorful and fun fruit characters that appear on the latest packaging and go with different flavors – Alfi apple, Oli orange, Bo Bo blueberry, Razzle Raspberry and Buzz blackcurrant

Create a bright, simple and playful print ad (that is visually appealing to kids aged 4-6 years old) with a catchy tagline to convince moms that Pop Tops is a fun refreshment for their kids and brings happiness wherever they go.

Format: Photo, illustration or print with explanation