Gillette Football Concorso Terminato

Can effortless, gentle precision give you an edge in football?

15.000 €
Il concorso termina il 11 agosto 2013
Video - Animazione

Please read the entire brief, not just the teaser, in order to understand the challenge and increase your chances of winning!

The two manliest words in the dictionary: shaving and football. Football needs precise coordination and skills, like precision engineering. Often a gentle, effortless touch is more effective than brute force. Gillette Proglide offers the most gentle and effortless shave, thanks to its superior technology and thinner blade, leaving your skin irritation-free. It’s a bit like a beautifully executed goal that appears so smooth and so easy. How could a gentle shave with Gillette Proglide be connected to football? This is your challenge.

In an exciting, original and surprising video show us how being smooth and effortlessly precise - like shaving with a Gillette Proglide razor - can give an edge in football.

Format: Video/animation of 30 to 60 seconds.