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Show us how a happy belly looks like!

A lot of people only think about their belly when they have a problem. Activia believes it is important to have happy bellies. Because wellbeing and emotions are linked to our belly! Happy bellies = happy people...

Help us to communicate the positive side of feeling well and having a happy belly by showing us what a happy belly looks like.

Let us enjoy a happy tummy!


Print: illustration or pictures.

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Those are 3 interesting routes that inspire us to develop further creativities. Other designs also explore those routes but those 3 are our preferred executions.

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ypp1117 #1 Premio
ypp1117 30 Punteggio creativo
  • Design grafico
  • Illustrazione

#1 Prize of 3.500 €

This is so exciting! I won again, this is the third time I won in eYeka and I got the most prize in this contest!

I participated in this contest because I got the eYeka newsletter, but even I was not invited, I will definitely join as I visit eYeka website every day and this contest looks interesting. When I was reading the brief, I had a lot fun and came up with many interesting ideas. I was exciting when creating the entry, as I can show all kinds of people.

I used to work as a graphic designer, very tired. Now I have my own online shop with my friend and I am doing the design job. Sometime it's quite busy, but I have more free time to join eYeka contest.

eYeka is a great place for creative people, even though sometimes I feel disappointed, most of the time is exciting, encouraging and I learn a lot.

Thank you eYeka again!

ketchoupi59 #2 Premio
ketchoupi59 0 Punteggio creativo
  • Design grafico

#2 Prize of 1.000 €

After reading the Activia brief for the happy Belly challenge, I was immediately inspired! For me a happy belly is a healthy intestinal flora. So I imagined the body as an ecosystem preserved related to the flora and fauna. The body represents a luxurious nature, protected by the Activia assets.

I am a Web designer in an agency from Roubaix, I join contest during the Week-end for fun and to keep working in the advertising sector because during my studies I got a degree in advertising :)

cyx2013 #3 Premio
cyx2013 0 Punteggio creativo
  • Design grafico

#3 Prize of 500 €

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