Lipton Milk Tea Concorso Terminato

Refresh Lipton milk tea with a bright and exciting packaging and a catchy name.

5.000 €
Il concorso termina il 02 gennaio 2013
Design grafico - Illustrazione - Scrittura creativa - Design dell'etichetta e del packaging

Alert: you must read the whole brief to understand the challenge, not only the teaser.

Milk tea is a popular tea drink. It is loved by people for its indulging taste and varied flavors. It is now available in a convenient 3-in-1 instant milk tea format (milk+tea+sugar).

The experience of Milk tea is unique because it takes tea drinking to a new level – with rich flavors, indulging creaminess but also the goodness and caffeine boost from tea. It is often enjoyed during afternoon tea or any snacking time when you need a pick-up.

Lipton wants to bring this experience to life and make the joy of instant milk tea more exciting and appealing.

Give a refreshingly new presence to Lipton milk tea by creating a bright and exciting packaging and engaging name.

FORMAT: Pictures, illustrations, sketches with explanations.