La storia di eYeka Concorso Terminato

Dai vita alla storia di eYeka in modo creativo.

3.500 €
Il concorso termina il 22 aprile 2012
Video - Animazione

We at eYeka believe that co-creation is creating a better world. It can really help brands, organizations, individuals and society with their problems to create a better future for all. We want people to understand it and believe in it. That is why we need your help to express that story in a visually engaging, memorable way: an animation or a video that we could show anyone and put online for all to enjoy and pass on.

Tell the eYeka story in a visually creative, thought-provoking and engaging way so that everyone will understand how eYeka and co-creation can change the world for the better.

Format:Animation or video under 60 seconds.