Tic Tac Daily Good Vibes Concorso Terminato

Create content that will lift the mood of people and spread good vibes into the world!

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Il concorso termina il 08 maggio 2022
Illustrazione - Scrittura creativa

We all have those moments in the day when we need a little pep up. With over 800 million packs sold per year across the globe, it is a fact that many of us would turn to Tic Tac to get that small pleasure that refreshes your inner positivity and help you better connect with the world.

Since its launch in the 60s, Tic Tac has turned into one of the most iconic sugar confectionery brands. Most people know its little pills come in vibrant colours and flavours delicately coated in 100 layers for a gentle and tasty freshness sensation that slowly unfolds in your mouth. It is packaged in a small iconic plastic box that’s always with you and easy to share. Although there are many other candies and mints available today, Tic Tac aims to be the one that’s always on hand to gently refresh your mouth and your inner positivity, wherever you are and whoever you are with.

Despite being a well-known brand, its not always the one people think of first… Tic Tac is often seen as a little dusty and old fashioned. To change this Tic Tac will soon launch a new campaign called “Daily Good Vibes” to give it an edge and engage with people in a new way. For a limited time, every Tic Tac pack will have a special QR code. When this QR code is scanned, the person immediately receives a piece of content from Tic Tac with the intention of sharing good vibes.

We need your creativity to bring this to life in an engaging, surprising and Tic Tac way so that the content produced is enjoyed and shared – flooding the world with good vibes!

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