Let’s design the new Product Line for Guhl Hair Care and help to attract more female customers!

5.000 €
Il concorso termina il 25 aprile 2022
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We have a new creative challenge for you today with a big impact on one of Europe’s largest Hair Care brands, Guhl. Guhl is a hair care brand with a successful history of more than 75 years!

Guhl is looking to start the next chapter of success and attract even more consumers through a new Hair Care product line.

Recent research has indicated that there is an opportunity for Guhl to:

  • Refresh the brand by bringing more excitement to its product
  • Boost brand trust with warmth, a feeling of closeness and Today trust relates to Guhl’s heritage, experience, superior ingredients, and overall high-quality products.
  • Capture the imagination of women who:
    • are seeking to feel alive during their Hair Care routine
    • feel that their time spend on hair care is a “me”-moment, a moment for self- indulgence and pampering
    • seek a trusted partner/ brand for their hair care whilst at the same time being able to fully “let go” and enjoy the moment.

And so, there is the opportunity to create a whole new Hair Care Product Line!

While many ideas have been put on the table at Guhl, nothing so far strikes as fresh, new, exciting, and absolutely relevant whilst also being disruptive and different from Guhl’s competition.

That’s where we need your help – your input will steer the development of a future Hair Care Product Line, which is going to hit the shelves in the second quarter of 2023!

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