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Let’s create a Chinese name for Ferrero Rocher’ new chocolate assortment!

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Il concorso termina il 17 marzo 2022
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In recent years, more and more non-native chocolate brands entered the China market, such as Godiva, Lindor, Laderach and Venchi etc., this has brought more product options for young adults who want chocolates with a bit more texture and flavour, based on the ingredients’ origin.

With this in mind, Ferrero Rocher plan to launch a new Premium Dark Assortment: FERRERO ROCHER ORIGINS. For a long time, Ferrero Rocher  has beenseen as a premium gift targeting people between the ages of 40-50 years Old. The launch of FERRERO ROCHER ORIGINS is expected to appeal to young adults between the ages of 25-35  years old and to build a more premium image for the FERRERO ROCHER brand.

FERRERO ROCHER ORIGINS, is made with selected origins cocoa paste, to take you on a multisensorial and fascinating taste journey. Every piece is carefully crafted with quality hazelnuts, a luscious creamy filling, a crispy wafer and selected origins cocoa paste in the fine dark chocolate shell, to offer you an indulgent experience inspired by dark chocolate. The premium dark assortment consists of the following three refined recipes:

  • Ghana origin: 50% Cocoa in the dark chocolate shell. The delicious hazelnuts and fruity cocoa flavor captivate with an intriguing taste.
  • Ecuador origin: 65% Cocoa in the dark chocolate shell. A pleasant combination of tasty hazelnuts and strong cocoa flavor, enriched by elegant roasting notes
  • Ivory Coast origin: 80% Cocoa in the dark chocolate shell. The harmonious hazelnut taste is paired with a slight acidity given by the cocoa beans. A distinctive flavor for Dark chocolate lovers.
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