Nissan ‘Phygital’ car experience Concorso Terminato
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Let’s get phygital (digital + physical) with a new car experience for Nissan!

2.500 €
Il concorso termina il 17 ottobre 2021
Illustrazione - Scrittura creativa

Nowadays, buying a car can be expensive! Not only the price when purchasing it but the cost of owning a car as well (maintenance, gas, insurances, etc.)!

It is also known that for younger generations, it is even more difficult to buy a car when it comes to the financial aspect, plus, only having little driving experience is something that can create another worry for potential first-time car buyers.

However, buying your first car can still be a very exciting moment for first time buyers. That particular moment when you buy your first ride to drive, and you know you can go wherever and whenever you want, still creates a lot of feeling of happiness, freedom and exhilaration!

In today’s world, the border line between the digital world and the physical world is slightly fading away. This is particularly seen in the behaviour of our younger generations, especially with “Generation Z” (people born between 1996 & 2015). This generation is the perfect example of the world becoming a perfect blend of digital & physical, or so called ‘Phygital’.

As a digitally relevant car brand, Nissan wants to utilize this ‘Phygital’ era as a new way of delivering excitement to younger generations. And perhaps other (future) generations as well…

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