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Let’s Jazz Up Android in order to appeal more among high school & college students!

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Il concorso termina il 27 luglio 2021
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Android phones account for over half of phone operating systems in Taiwan, and we know it’s often chosen because there are so many Android-based phone models to choose from (such as Samsung, OPPO, vivo, Sony, realme and Pixel), and it is easily compatible with other devices (such as ear/headphones, computers and laptops, and chargers too) plus the user interface (‘UI’ – i.e. the way it looks and functions) is simple to navigate, easy to learn as well as being highly customizable.

However, despite how many people have Android-based devices in Taiwan, Android is not as popular among high school & college students, in fact it is noticeably lower than other age groups.

Most high school & college students in Taiwan actually start out on an Android device as their 1st phone (mostly are lower-priced models bought by their parents). However, when they become a teenager and are able to afford a new device, they considered to switch to iOS, due to its higher popularity within their social circle. We might all know that Apple brand owns prestigious feeling due to its premiumness.

Going forward, Android is keen to innovate to increase its market share by grabbing youngster attention, to maintain its position as one of the best consumer choices and keep up with youngsters’ needs.

Can you help to devise a marketing campaign for Android phone or system so that it can appear more attractive and become a cool-to-have brand amongst high school & college students?

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