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Help tell the story of how to acknowledge and celebrate fearlessness in women

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Il concorso termina il 29 giugno 2021
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There is a need for insurance tailored for women as insurers often provide a one size fits all solution that excludes the unique needs of women. Our client, a comprehensive vehicle insurance provider in South Africa, meets women’s needs of safety, security, encouragement, and empowerment. 

In the past the brand ran a very successful ‘Live fearless’ campaign that showed women are inherently strong – and the brand is the wing woman. In the original campaign, the brand landed the message of “fear” in the “Live fearless” 1.0 campaign, which focused on the fear that women must overcome to live fearlessly.

This campaign has run its course as it has been aired for the past year. Today the brand wants to launch another campaign, Fearless 2.0, and wants the campaign to be a bit “lighter” and uplifting in celebrating and acknowledging this fearlessness as opposed to focusing too much on fear. The brand has become stuck in their thinking as they are too close to the campaign and the main message.

We need your help to get this brand unstuck and develop new campaign ideas that celebrate and acknowledge this fearlessness in women. Can you help?

Wow us with a powerful poster with a headline that will have potential to be developed in a new and inspiring marketing campaign that focuses on celebrating and acknowledging fearlessness in women.

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