NIVEA Body Care - Waterless Concorso Terminato
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Create a new waterless or water reduced body care product for Nivea!

2.500 €
Il concorso termina il 20 dicembre 2020
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NIVEA is the number one global skin care brand in the world.

Today NIVEA Body has a new challenge for you!

NIVEA is looking into the next step: water-less/ water-reduced body care. In essence, almost all body care products have a large amount of water in them. As this also has some disadvantages, NIVEA is searching for alternatives with much less or no water in the products.

Some examples of a waterless or water reduced products can be a powder, to sprinkle on wet skin, a powder to be mixed with water by yourself at home or a bar which can be rubbed over your skin. These are the ones that NIVEA already came up with, but we are sure you can do better!

We want you to create an idea for a waterless or water reduced body care product building on or going beyond those examples above. Can you help?

Design an innovative waterless or water reduced body care product for NIVEA which is also convenient to use!

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