LG: Health and Hygiene Concorso Terminato
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Help LG Electronics communicate its Health and Hygiene credentials.

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Il concorso termina il 16 settembre 2020
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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, people have growing concerns about health and hygiene in their daily life. And as the time spent home is increasing, consumers are becoming more interested in appliances that help reduce concerns for health and hygiene. 

LG Electronics, world famous brand of consumer and business electronics, produces a wide variety of products, which are used in everyday life. Specifically, it has a large portfolio of home appliances that help maintain the hygiene and enhance our life at home. These include air purifier, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, water purifier and styler. The unrivalled suite of certified products from LG is helping families fortify their homes with advanced sanitization solutions for clothes, bedding, toys and advanced filtration systems to help clear the air they breathe. LG is the only brand to offer such an extensive portfolio of certified asthma and allergy friendly products.

LG is preparing a global brand communication campaign to help contribute to improving hygiene health for individuals, their families and the community. Brand is looking for your creative ideas that will educate and communicate how its health and hygiene range of home appliances can help people maintain hygiene at home and therefore take a better care of their health. Can you help?

Create a clear, credible and reassuring poster with a headline that delivers a strong and positive brand image of LG delivering products that care for the health and hygiene of users.

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