Reimagine the body washing experience Concorso Terminato

Help us visualize an augmented, multi-sensorial body washing experience powered by fragrance!

5.000 €
Il concorso termina il 27 giugno 2019
Design grafico - Illustrazione

For many Body Care products, women tell us that if they can’t smell it, it’s not working. Fragrance plays a critical factor in how we perceive product efficacy and is therefore a strong driver in choosing the right product in-store and enjoying it in-use.

When it comes to shower gel/body wash, fragrance plays a key role - especially during the shower. At this moment, the fragrance blooms and delivers its best: the scent is strong and rich, it’s often enhanced by the hot water, and it reinforces your perception that it’s doing its job ... cleaning & moisturizing your skin. Often, the scent helps you feel rested or energized, depending on the scent & your expectation.

Our sponsor believes that, with technology, fragrance can augment and transform a body washing moment into a body washing experience! Can you help?

In an aesthetic, arresting and stylish poster with a headline, imagine a multi-sensorial, augmented body washing experience where fragrance is the star.


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