Pantene Revitalize Collection for veiled hair 7 giorni rimasto
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Show Saudi women that the new Pantene Revitalize Collection is the perfect solution to keep veiled hair beautiful during Eid celebrations!

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7 giorni rimasto
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We don’t know how you feel about hair, but hair plays a central role in a woman’s beauty. Therefore, most women make an effort to achieve healthy, beautiful hair. Most women use a shampoo and a conditioner, but many also use masks, sprays, serums that help thicken, repair, add shine, shape, and more. Having beautiful hair is an integral part of overall beauty & fashion.

Saudi women are reputed to have beautiful, thick hair, but 99% of Saudi women wear the veil, so their hair is covered most of the day. Their hair is one of their most important beauty assets, but they all face the same dilemma: they wear the veil with pride and actively take care of their hair, but the veil puts a constant strain on their hair! The friction of the fabric on their hair strands damages the hair, and when they wear the veil, they feel their hair is suffocating leaving it lifeless with no chance to breathe. 

Pantene, a global brand of hair care products, is the first to launch a dedicated line to help Saudi women (and all women who wear the veil) protect & revitalize covered hair so they can proudly follow their traditions and show-off their beautiful hair when they unveil. As Eid Celebrations are fast approaching, Pantene would like to share this new product with young Saudi women. Can you help?

In a poster with a headline, bring to life how the new Pantene Revitalize Collection protects & revitalizes covered hair during Eid Celebrations.   

Format: Poster with a headline & pack + text

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