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Design the perfect easy-to-make sushi or sushi style product for a relaxed get together with family or friends!

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Il concorso termina il 02 luglio 2017
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Sushi is loved by people around the world. The combination of sushi rice, fish and Nori (dried seaweed) is healthy and delicious.

Blue Dragon, a food brand that helps Europeans explore Asian food and flavors at home, already provides a range of products for making traditional sushi at home. Their current sushi product range includes sushi rice, nori sheets, wasabi, sushi Su seasoning for the rice, sushi ginger and a sushi meal kit containing all the ingredients for traditional makis, complete with rolling mat and chopsticks.

Blue Dragon wants to create a new in-home product rooted in sushi, for people who want the fun, but not the hassle of making sushi at home. Can you help?

Design a new, easy and distinctive sushi style product, for people to enjoy spending a relaxing time together at home.

FORMAT: Presentation with visuals and texts (3 pages max.)