Women in Mens' Underwear Concorso Terminato
eÿeka Express

Create Sophisticated, Sexy and Funny Photo Ideas for JBS

1.000 €
Il concorso termina il 13 dicembre 2016
Illustrazione - Photography

JBS is marketleader in the homemarket Denmark and strong in the Nordics in mens underwear. JBS is a high quality brand with a strong wellknown original basic line in white. 

JBS has over the past years been differentiating themselves from other mens underwear by showing WOMEN IN MEN´s (Yes, that´s right) underwear in their ads. The insight is that men actually do not like to look at other men, but prefers to look at women. This has given a lot of attention and an effective campaign.

We would like to explore this area. Can we within this concept ”Women in Mens Underwear” we look for classy, sexy, interesting, sophisticated ideas to portray women in mens underwear.

Within the concept of ”Women in Mens' Underwear” create a photo idea combined with a new headline or payoff, that makes a world class poster or ad for JBS underwear brand. 

Format: Photo/illustration with text using a template