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Create Sophisticated, Sexy and Funny Photo Ideas for JBS

Within the concept of ”Women in Mens' Underwear” create a photo idea combined with a new headline, that makes a world class poster or ad for JBS underwear brand.

 Photo or illustration with text based on the provided template, 1 page. 

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Il Brand è confidenziale

Thank you to all who participated. We are very impressed with the high level of creativity. We look forward to the opportunity with working with you all again. Kind Regards-

Cosmic People

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royyeo #1 Premio
royyeo 18.320 Punteggio creativo
  • Design grafico
  • Illustrazione
  • Scrittura creativa
  • Script Writing

#1 Prize of 650 €

Excellent translation of the concept. Very original and the perfect execution of the brands remarkable campaign: Girls showing mens underwear. Funny and sharp!

Il brand
emalietison #2 Premio
emalietison 0 Punteggio creativo
  • Design grafico
  • Video
  • Illustrazione
  • Animazione
  • Scrittura creativa
  • Design dell'etichetta e del packaging
  • Script Writing
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#2 Prize of 350 €

Great concept. It is edgy and funny. Wonderful version of the brands remarkable campaign: Girls showing mens underwear. Proud and very sharp.

Il brand

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