A Drink With Every Food Order Concorso Terminato

Make drinks at McDonald’s so irresistible, every consumer would want to order some.

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Il concorso termina il 18 dicembre 2016
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Fast food and drinks pair very well together, like Batman and Robin or Tom and Jerry.

However, did you know that actually, a significant number of McDonald’s customers don’t order drinks when they go to McDonald’s? Maybe they had a drink beforehand, or they will have one later, or they are not thirsty. Maybe they want less sugary options and they can’t find the drink they want in the list on offer. It could also be because the drinks packaging is not easy to take away, or because it’s not personalized. Maybe they would like drinks to be refillable or get better prices and good promotions.

As you can see, there are many reasons for not ordering drinks with every food order, and it’s something Coca-Cola wants to change!

We’re looking for ideas to convince people who don’t always choose drinks with their food order at McDonald’s to do so in future. Can you help?

Format : Two pages with text and visuals