Duracell Powercheck Concorso Terminato

How can we convince people that Powercheck can help them save money?

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Il concorso termina il 27 dicembre 2016
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Think about the last time you threw away batteries. Were they really empty? It is hard to tell. European recycling authorities report that an astounding 1 out 3 batteries are thrown out with battery power still left inside! 

Duracell launched a premium battery called Duracell Ultra. It not only lasts longer than Duracell copper & black batteries, but it has a unique feature called “Powercheck” which allows people to check how much power is left inside the battery so they can use up all the power they paid for. 

Duracell Ultra is 20% more expensive than Duracell copper & black batteries. Many consumers do not make the natural link between the Powercheck feature and saving money. Can you help Duracell communicate that Powercheck saves them money?

Inspire us by creatively communicating how Duracell Ultra with Powercheck saves people money they would otherwise throw away!   

FORMAT: Poster with a tagline and an explanation of your idea.