Febreze Odor Cleaning Aerosol Spray Concorso Terminato
eÿeka Express

Visually bring alive Febreze aerosol spray’s benefit of cleaning away the odor and not just simply masking it.

2.500 €
Il concorso termina il 29 novembre 2016
Design grafico - Scrittura creativa

Most of the aerosol spray that are available in the market only mask the bad odor with their fragrance for a short time before disappearing and bringing back the bad odor again. Febreze is set to launch their aerosol spray in a new market with the product superiority of truly cleaning away odor and not only masking it.

Through a visually arresting poster with tagline, bring alive Febreze aerosol spray’s superiority of truly cleaning the odor compared to other spray’s which simply mask it.