Breakfast innovation Concorso Terminato

Offer French people the perfect breakfast solution even when they’re short of time

5.000 €
Il concorso termina il 27 novembre 2016
Scrittura creativa - Design dell'etichetta e del packaging

Breakfast is a key moment in the French day. It’s an opportunity to start the day well both physically and psychologically. It’s a pleasurable moment where we eat good things, generally sweet, which do us good and provide the energy we need for the activities of the day ahead.

Yet we can’t always find the time to enjoy this essential meal, and end up eating things that ultimately we don’t enjoy or aren’t very well balanced, just to "make do", and sometimes even "skip" breakfast.

We need your help to come up with a solution for French people who are short of time in the morning, but don’t want to sacrifice the pleasure of a good breakfast.

Format: Visuals and answers to questions (2 pages max)