Senior Fitness - Smart Mobility in 2030 Concorso Terminato

Imagine how can seniors stay active in future fully automated world, in 2030.

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Il concorso termina il 04 dicembre 2016
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The number of adults aged 65 and older living in the United States is projected to soar to 72 million by 2030 - up from 40 million in 2010. America will be a super aged country, one where more than one in five of the population is 65 or older. This new wave of seniors is seeking to live better, longer, although they are at a higher risk of frailty and loss of independence than younger adults. Most of the health problems of older age are linked to chronic conditions, particularly non-communicable diseases. Many of these can be prevented or delayed by healthy behaviours. Even in very advanced years, physical activity and good nutrition can have powerful benefits on health and well-being.

The objective of this contest is to find ways to make seniors stay fit while they are away from home in a world where everything is accessible without any effort.

Imagine a solution that helps seniors stay active and fit when they are away from home travelling purposefully.

Format: 4 pages presentation with images and text.