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Reinvent the way to communicate freshness that lasts and laaasssttts!

Show us an intuitive, creative, even quirky way to express long-lasting freshness that turns heads.

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To the creative community of eYeka! thank you for widening our boundaries and bringing fresh and new ideas to us! we truly value your efforts.
we were very inspired but all the work submitted to different extent! keep bringing the best and most out of the box ideas..

To our winners: Super well done! the simplicity and brilliance of your ideas gave you the extra edge.

Thanks a million!

The Brand ;)

Premio della Giuria Vincitori

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sebastian_42 #1 Premio
sebastian_42 146.650 Punteggio creativo
  • Video
  • Scrittura creativa
  • Script Writing

#1 Premio di 3.000 € per Does. Not. Yield.

excellent visualization and idea! on point

Il brand
CONS #2 Premio
CONS 295.070 Punteggio creativo
  • Design grafico
  • Illustrazione
  • Animazione
  • Scrittura creativa
  • Design dell'etichetta e del packaging
  • Photography
  • Script Writing

#2 Premio di 1.500 € per Smell you later!

multi dimensional! adds a human touch to the product that can bring people closer to what the product does in a way that is relatable

Il brand
vicinteriano #3 Premio
vicinteriano 268.270 Punteggio creativo
  • Design grafico
  • Video
  • Illustrazione
  • Animazione
  • Scrittura creativa
  • Design dell'etichetta e del packaging
  • Script Writing
El Salvador

#3 Premio di 500 € per Freshness when you need it.

Torture is evident so is the quirkiness

Il brand

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  • CONS Riga 3 CONS 295.070 Punteggio creativo

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